Extended Flu Season

Flu season typically spikes between January and March. But that doesn’t mean you can drop your guard just yet.  

The Harvard Medical School  has several misconceptions about the flu to keep in mind.

Ed Neuzil, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner at Allergy Sinus & Asthma Family Health Center explains the importance of a flu shot.

Also… Ed was a guest speaker at the Health Basket in Mount Dora a few weeks ago, sharing his knowledge of allergies, what triggers them and how patients are tested for them at the Allergy, Sinus, and Asthma Family Health Center.

Now in its sixth year of distribution, Ed also shared some background and benefits of his Dr. Neuzil’s Irrigator Herbal Enhanced Nasal Spray. Ed explained how he developed the convenient pump spray for his own patients and family as an alternative to medicated or messy options.