Promising Profession

Audiology is a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this occupation is considered a "bright outlook" occupation, because of its excellent employment potential. Today, more and more young adults are choosing Audiology as a career path. We spoke with Paige Holt, a Doctor of Audiology with the Hearing Aid and Audiology Services at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery to find out what drew her to this sophisticated occupation.

Hearing Solutions

Routine wellness visits are important for several reasons. First, they are an important part of staying healthy and they allow you to catch problems early.

Most of us visit our primary care doctor once a year, our dentist twice a year and get our vision tested at least every two years. But do you know when to get a hearing test?

The Hearing Aid and Audiology Specialists at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastic Surgery have helped many of their patients take back their lives by helping them to hear better. They explain when you should consider getting your hearing checked.