Lake ENT: A Shift in Hearing Loss

A new study confirms that those 80 and older represent the highest percentage of hearing loss.  But researchers are starting to see a shift.

The study, published in February’s Archives of Otolaryngology, show that 1 in 9, or almost 11% of those aged 45-54, make up the fastest growing segment of our hearing impaired population.

Hometown Health spoke with Lake ENT Doctor of Audiology, Paige Holt.

Doctors do not typically screen middle aged adults for hearing loss so if you suspect a hearing impairment, take the initiative and get it checked out.

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Lake Ear, Nose and Throat:  Diagnosing Dizzy-Disorders Among the Elderly (Video)

Falls are among the leading cause of injury and death among people 65-plus.  And among the most common reasons for falls: dizziness.

We talked with Dustin McFarland, Neuro Diagnostic Technologist at Lake Ear, Nose and Throat to better understand the role the inner ear plays in dizzy-disorders.

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