Behavioral Health


In the wake of several local teen suicides, the City of Minneola teamed up with Lake County Schools and the Lifestream Behavioral Center to host REACH, which stands for Resiliency through Education And Community Health.

The professionals at Lifestream explain that events like REACH are an important way to provide information, resources and support for area families who may be dealing with a troubled teen.

Let's Win

A mental health condition isn’t a singular problem that one person experiences. It has a ripple effect on many other aspects of someone’s life.

To help individuals with this struggle, Lifestream Behavioral Center has created the Wellness Integration Network.

David Braughton, Chief Operating Officer for  LifeStream Behavioral Center explains what WIN is and why it was created.

Also, in the wake of recent teen suicides in South Lake County, The City of Minneola along with Lake County Schools and Lifestream Behavioral Center hosted an evening of unity, support and resources for local families. Our Lake Sumter TV crew stopped by to find out more.

Plus, be sure to check out LifeStream’s brand new website at where you will find helpful information and resources plus a link to the LifeStream Foundation where your financial support helps provides mental wellness, substance abuse and social services for families in need.