Behavioral Health

Making The Grade

For some children, surviving and thriving in the traditional classroom setting can be difficult for those struggling with emotional or behavioral problems.

Sometimes these problems can be a byproduct of clinical depression, anxiety, trauma, or due to attention deficits which result in disciplinary or behavioral challenges.

With these students in mind, The LifeStream Behavioral Center partners with local schools to offer specialized educational services to the children who need them most.

We sat down with LifeStream professionals to learn more about two such specialized services, Lake Academy and the Children’s Clinical On-Site Services.

Where Hope Comes to Life

While Hometown Health has been a longtime supporter of LifeStream Behavioral Center, we're honored to officially welcome them as the newest specialist to our network.

With dozens of locations and programs, many of which you likely are not even aware of - LifeStream provides critical resources for the businesses and residents of our community…