Foot and Ankle

Overuse Injuries

If you’re planning on starting a new physical activity or ramping up your current training routine, you may be at risk for an overuse injury.

The specialists at Tri-County Foot and Ankle see all types of overuse injuries in their active patients. We checked in with the specialists there to find out about some of the most common causes of injuries that can keep patients “out of play.”

Tip Top Toes

Taking care of our feet isn’t always up there on our priority list. Earlier this year Beverly Ohnstad brought us this story about giving those unsung hero’s a little more attention with some Tip Top Toe Tips from the experts at Tri-County Foot & Ankle.

Also, earlier this summer Tri-County Foot and Ankle partnered with the Leesburg Lightning for the Food For The Soul Food Drive with all donations going to the Leesburg Food Pantry. It went so well they did it twice. This time in November in anticipation of the increased demand between Thanksgiving and the New Year.