The ABC's of Hepatitis

The numbers speak for themselves – 1 in 5 people are at risk for Hepatitis C and 30% don’t know how they got it. With three different viral strains, A, B, and C, hepatitis is a swelling and inflammation of the liver. We talked with Dr. Lily Tran of Advanced Gastroenterology and Surgical Associates about the causes, diagnosis and treatments of hepatitis.

We’ve included some additional links about hepatitis below.  To contact Advanced Gastroenterology and Surgical Associates, click the AGSA link.

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Hepatitis information from the CDC

Hepatitis Information from the National Institute of Health.



Colonoscopy With Care

While prostate cancer tops the list of male-related cancers, colon cancer – an equal opportunity cancer among men and women – follows lung cancer at number three on the list.

Amanda Dunn with Advanced Gastroeterology and Surgical Associates explains the role Dr. Lilly Tran and the staff at AGSA play in providing a caring approach to an important screening tool – the colonoscopy.

For more information about the extensive services offered by Advanced Gastroenterology and Surgical Associates, including colonoscopies, look for them in the Hometown Health Specialist Directory.

Web Extras:

Colon Cancer Alliance

National Cancer Inst

American Cancer Society