Controlling A-fib

Atrial fibrillation, also called A-fib, is one of the most prevalent kinds of abnormal heart rhythms. If medications are not working to control this kind of irregular heartbeat, there are other options your doctor may pursue.

Tri County Heart Institute patient, Bonnie Cain, shares her experience with one such treatment. At the capable hands of doctor Nitza Alvarez, she underwent a procedure which controlled her A-fib and restored her quality of life.

Also, Dr. Alvarez is committed to helping her patients incorporate physical exercise into their routines. That is why she participates in the Walk With The Doc program.

You can join Dr. Alvarez every second Saturday of the month for Walk With a Doc. Participants will enjoy a brief presentation on an important health topic followed by a “walk-at-your-own-pace” led by Dr. Alvarez.