Heart Health

Cardiology Buzz Words

If your family doctor feels you might have a significant heart related condition, he or she may call on a cardiologist for help.

Dr. Nitza Alvarez, cardiologist at Tri-County Heart Institute explains some of the medical terms you might encounter when talking to your health care provider, about your heart.

Also, join Dr. Alvarez every second Saturday of the month for Walk With a Doc. Participants will enjoy a brief presentation on an important health topic followed by a “walk-at-your-own-pace” lead by Dr. Alvarez.

Saved by an Angel

It is widely known that we men just aren’t that great at getting medical attention – often when they need it most; and  several studies have shown that men usually go to the doctor only at the insistence of a loved one.

Angel and Frank Shelby, are just such an example. Had it not been for Angel’s urging, Frank may not have pursued the help of cardiologist, Dr. Nitza Alvarez at the Tri-County Heart Institute. That move might have cost him his life.