Ear Nose and Throat

Relief At Last

Each year approximately 37 million Americans suffer from sinus related diseases. The problem can drastically decrease a person's quality of life and cause missed days at work. In fact, right now as a country we spend about 12.8 billion dollars annually on health care solutions related to sinusitis.

Peg McClellan, a patient at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery, tells HHTV how she overcame the pain and misery related to her chronic sinusitis with Balloon Sinuplasty.

Don’t Stick It In Your Ear

In a report recently published by the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center show that an average of 34 children a day visit emergency departments with ear injuries caused by cotton swabs.

It’s important to understand that earwax does have a purpose.

Christine Halvorsen, a Physician’s Assistant with Lake ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery explains how a medical professional can help.