Ear Nose and Throat

Vibrant Voice

It may come as a surprise to you the variety of conditions that can lead to voice problems.

Colds, allergies, bronchitis, acid reflux or cheering for your favorite sports team can result in a hoarse voice or even no voice at all. But there are also more serious voice conditions, which could warrant a trip to the doctor.  In fact, an estimated 7.5 million people have disorders of the voice.

The specialists at Lake ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery explain how they test and treat their patients with vocal disorders.

Fresh Faced Seniors

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that more and more senior citizens are looking to turn back the clock as they find themselves living longer and healthier lifestyles.

Nose reshaping, eye and brow lifts and face lifts dominate the chosen procedures among this generation of seniors who are particular about their presentation.

Dr. Dino Madonna of Lake ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery delves into the options that facial plastic surgery provides and the delicate balance between art and function.