Ear Nose and Throat

Ear Wax 101

Earwax, otherwise called cerumen, is the yellowish build-up that lines the inside of your ear canal. It can help protect your ear from water, infection, injury, and foreign objects. But when earwax becomes impacted it can cause problems that contribute to hearing loss, ringing in your ears and balance issues.

Christine Halvorsen, a physician’s assistant at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat And Facial Plastic Surgery talked to us about cerumen, impacted earwax and how it’s treated.

Time For A Boost

Confidence is the key ingredient for internal well-being and happiness. Research published in the journal, Clinical Psychological Science, showed that plastic surgery patients experienced more joy in life, a higher sense of satisfaction and greater self-esteem, when compared with those who had not had plastic surgery.

That’s what patient Joelyn Pillsbury discovered after taking the time to listen to a seminar offered by Dr. Dino Madonna and the specialists at Lake Ear, Nose, Throat And Facial Plastic Surgery. She shares with us how the results changed her life.