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Lake ENT and Facial Plastics “Lifts the Shades” (Video)

Dr. Dino Madonna of Lake ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery calls a popular facial cosmetic procedure “lifting the shades.”  You may know it better as eyelid surgery.

Dr. Madonna is Fellowship trained in facial plastics.  You can learn more about both the ENT and facial plastic services available at Lake Ear, Nose and Throat when you visit their specialist directory page at Your HometownHealth.com.


Lake ENT Takes A Gentle Approach With Kids


The approach medical professionals take when communicating with children requires a different finesse – one practiced every day at Lake Ear, Nose and Throat.

Lake ENT offers extensive services to Lake County’s youth throughout their offices in Leesburg, The Villages and Tavares.  You can schedule an appointment at Lake ENT without a referral and you’ll find their contact information online in our specialist directory at YourHometownHealth.com