Laser Vein Treatments

Vein Disdain

If you’re a man, you’ve probably heard about varicose veins and automatically think that you do not have to worry about them because it is a “woman’s disease”.

While it is true that this condition primarily plagues middle-aged women… it may surprise you to know that as many as 45 percent of all men will experience varicose veins at some point in their lives.

Dr. Charlie Han of Veins Florida explains what varicose veins are and what men can do about them.

A Solution For All Seasons

While many of us are pulling out our shorts and skirts in anticipation of the warmer weather, there are those of us who dread showing off our legs.

According to the American Society of Vascular Surgery, about 25 million Americans have varicose veins and more than half of them are women.

Dr. Charlie Han, of Veins Florida explains that varicose veins can be a warning of long-term health risks including: deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, poor circulation and leg swelling.