Digital Diagnosis


While improved cancer treatments are saving lives so are improved screening techniques.

With the shift from film to digital technology cancer detection rates for diagnostic mammography have improved significantly.

Dr. Fred Wittenstein, Radiologist at Florida Hospital Waterman’s Digital Mammography Center explains why digital mammography has become the gold standard in screening for early stage breast cancer.

Men And Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is traditionally thought of as a woman’s disease. However, both men and women have breast tissue. Men and boys normally do not make enough of the hormone “estrogen” to cause their breast tissue to grow.

But, like all cells of the body, a man's breast duct cells can undergo cancerous changes causing the rare diagnoses, male breast cancer. Hometown Health learned this first-hand when a Florida Hospital Waterman patient shared his (yes, his) personal story of his battle with breast cancer.

We also spoke with the specialists at Florida Hospital Waterman’s Mammography team about the important role imaging plays in diagnosing male breast cancer.