Kimberly’s Story

Statistics tell us that about 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point in their lives.

As we prepare for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let Kimberly Baggett‘s story remind us not to ignore that lump. And when necessary, seek a second opinion as she did at the Florida Hospital Waterman Digital Mammography Center.

Genetic Risk

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are the most widely known genes linked to breast cancer risk and account for about 20 to 25 percent of hereditary breast cancers and about 5 to 10 percent of all breast cancers.

Genetic Testing can give people the chance to learn if they carry, or can pass on, an inherited gene mutation.

The specialists at the Florida Hospital Waterman Digital Mammography Center explain the importance of genetic testing.

PLUS… As part of their commitment to breast cancer awareness Florida Hospital Waterman has already opened up registration for their 4th annual Pink Out 5k run-walk on October 19th at Wooton Park in Tavares.  You can also get an early jump on other 2017 Florida Hospital Waterman Pink Out events.