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Alani Medical Spa: Botox vs. Fillers – What’s the Difference?

The list of aesthetic trends for the past year has been posted by The International Association For Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine and cosmetic injectables come in at number two on the list.

Industry insiders credit affordability, minimal down time and greater public acceptance as some of the driving forces behind the popularity of products such as Botox and dermafillers.

Do you know the difference and what each is used for?  We talked with Gloria Smith, aestitician at Alani Medical Spa.

Still have questions about cosmetic injectables?  You can consult with Gloria at the Alani Medical Spa offices in The Villages or Clermont.  Click on Alani’s directory page for maps and contact information.

Alani Medical Spa: The benefits of Medical Grade Skin Care (Video)

When it comes to skin care products, do you know the difference between medical grade and what you buy off the shelf in the store?  I didn’t either.  Gloria Smith, licensed aesthetician at Alani Medical Spa sorts it out for us.

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