Healthy Home: Shedding Light on Fluorescent Bulbs

They’re marketed to save energy and our environment, but in
this month’s “healthy home,” we shed some light on compact
fluorescent light bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lights, or CFL’s are lighting more homes than ever before, and while the Environmental Protection Agency is encouraging Americans to use them, they also warn that CFL’s contain toxic mercury.

Carefully recycling or disposing of broken CFL’s prevents the release of mercury into the environment and allows for the reuse of glass, metals and other materials that make up fluorescent lights.

It’s not common but should a CFL break, the EPA recommends opening a window and removing all people and pets from the room for 15 minutes.  Also be sure to shut off the central air in your home so the fumes do not circulate.

You’ll want to get the broken bits into a sealed jar or container as soon as possible, following specific steps offered by the EPA.