Healthy Home

DIY Outdoor Projects

It may be the dog days of summer, but now’s the time to knock some of those “must do” home maintenance items off your list.

In this month’s Healthy Home segment, local Mr. Handyman franchise owner, Dennis Magee, shares some savvy tips for projects that will beautify your exterior, help you save money, and prepare your house and yard for the months ahead!

Karma Jobs

When we interviewed local Mr. Handyman franchise owner, Dennis Magee, a few months ago, he talked about the role “karma jobs” play in his business, and how you get what you give. 

Well, last month, during their “Day Of Service” he and his team of handymen gave us an inside look at what he was talking about as they stepped away from the daily schedule of jobs and descended on the home of a woman in need in Wildwood.