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Healthy Home: Well Worth Knowing

About 80% of Florida's residents are served by public water
systems covered
by the federal and state safe drinking water
The other 20% receive their water from "limited-use" public water systems and  private wells.  

In this month’s healthy home, some valuable guidelines for those of you with wells.

According to new guidelines offered by the American Academy Of Pediatrics, private well water should be tested yearly, and in some cases more often, to reduce health risks to children.

While all public water systems in Florida are required to perform routine testing to ensure that they meet state drinking water standards, private well owners are responsible for ensuring that their own well water is safe to drink.

The CDC has reported that consumption of contaminated drinking water in the united states has resulted in thousands of cases of illness each year. Contaminated drinking water can cause a number of diseases, and is sometimes fatal.   

With proper care, well water is safe; however, wells can become contaminated by chemicals or pathogenic organisms.

The most common contaminants found in compromised or contaminated wells are microbes and nitrate.

Visit the Lake or Sumter County environmental departments as well as the Florida Department Of Health web site for more information about well water guidelines and testing resources.