News of Note

Third Hand Smoke

You may have never heard of Third Hand Smoke, but chances are, you’ve smelled it.

Third Hand Smoke is the toxic residue left behind long after the cigarette is out.

A recent study published in the journal Tobacco Control found high levels of nicotine on children exposed to third hand smoke.

WEB EXTRA:  More information about third hand smoke the Mayo Clinic

Surviving Breast Cancer

New research from the National Cancer Institute shows that improved treatments are saving lives for women diagnosed with the most dangerous form of breast cancer.

Their study found that the survival rate for women in this country diagnosed with distant metastatic breast cancer, or MBC in which the breast cancer has spread to distant sites in the body, has doubled.

Tasty Twinkies

Soft drinks sales may be slumping and sodium censored but the iconic American Twinkie… endures.

Nostalgic consumers were comforted when two private equity firms bought a bankrupt Hostess in 2013 and returned the cream-filled confection to their rightful spot on store shelves after a nine month absence.

Hot And Cold About Dental Exams?

Last fall, a team of researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University presented their findings to the dental community. Their study found that among a group of 26-thousand people… those who never got dental check-ups had an 86% increased risk of contracting pneumonia compared to those who saw a dentist at least twice annually.  But wait, there’s more….

Lightning Night Highlights

Time now as we highlight the sights and sounds as the Leesburg Lightning hosted “Hometown Health Night” at Pat Thomas Stadium…

We were also honored to share the evening’s spotlight with our partners at LifeStream Behavioral Center who were extremely grateful to all of the fans who donated, of all things, baby diapers and wipes.

Wear Blue

The month of June is recognized as Men’s Health Month with a special emphasis on National Men's Health Week  which runs from June 12th-18th

The Wear BLUE campaign was created by the Men’s Health Network to encourage men to live longer and healthier lives through healthier lifestyle choices and by visiting their doctor annually.

You can get involved.  Set up a Wear BLUE day to raise awareness and money for education about the need for men to seek