The Power of Pink





It’s estimated that more than 12,000 women in Florida will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. And of those, 3000 will lose the battle.

While there are numerous worthy organizations in the battle against breast cancer, the Susan G Komen foundation leads the pack when it comes to brand awareness.

Komen’s introduction of pink and the pink ribbon as a symbol of unity in the fight for a cure has helped designate Komen as the “Most Valued Non-Profit Brand, Top Ranked for Trust, and the Charity People Are Most Likely to Donate To” as ranked in a 2010 Harris Interactive survey.

It’s estimated that Komen has raised nearly 2 billion dollars since its inception in 1982 – in large part, due to high energy and innovative fundraising. But can creativity go too far?

Apparently so – just ask the 143 high school football refs from Washington State who were disciplined for wearing pink whistles to help raise awareness. While their efforts brought in nearly $5000, it also got them into trouble with the Washington Officials Association. The case is currently in court.

If you’re a bit confused about all the causes and all the pink products and whether you’re really making a difference, Breast Cancer Action suggests you think before you pink.

We’ve included the link to this online resource along with a very informative article from USA Today to help you make better purchase and donation decisions.