News of Note

Shot For The Heart

If you have high blood pressure, getting a flu shot could save your life.

Scientists from Denmark studied data on more than 600-thousand people with high blood pressure, over nine flu seasons.  They found that patients with high blood pressure who got flu shots had a lower risk of death.

It’s In The Genes

We know that a man’s chromosomes determine the sex of his baby, but new research says his genes may determine whether he has more sons or more daughters.

Gender Matters

The correlation between diabetes and the risk of heart disease is nothing new; but recent findings suggest the risk may be stronger in women than in men.

Clearing The Air

We know that cars and trucks produce pollutants that can be harmful to our health; but a group of scientists wanted to learn how these pollutants impact childhood asthma.

Not surprisingly, they found that urban areas were the biggest offenders, contributing to 4 million new cases of childhood asthma every year, worldwide.