News of Note

Food For The Soul

Hometown Health TV cameras showed up recently for Tri-County Foot and Ankle night at the Leesburg Lightning game.  Crowds cheered as Dr. Dan Wassell threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Pat Thomas Stadium, in Leesburg.

In a show of continued support for our community, Tri-County Foot and Ankle also hosted a food drive at the event, to benefit The Leesburg Food Bank.

Going To The Dogs

They may be man’s best friend and improve the well being of their owners, but could the choice to own a dog be driven by our genetic make-up? Scientists say yes.

AI in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is pushing the boundaries of modern medicine by accurately detecting the early signs of lung cancer. By using a form of AI called a deep-learning algorithm, computers were trained to evaluate CT images in order to find malignant lung nodules.