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Defeating Mental Decline

Have you ever walked into a room and forget why you went there? Many believe it happens when we have too much on our minds; but researchers are starting to uncover reasons for midlife mental decline, and the findings may, or may not, surprise you.

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Information On Mental Decline

Opioid Antidote

The controversy surrounding prescription opioid painkillers is nothing new, but now doctors are being urged to tell their patients about an overdose antidote.

Sun Health

Most parents know that it’s important to protect kids against the sun’s harmful rays, but many do not know how to choose a sunscreen or when to apply it. That’s the result from a recent survey aimed at identifying people’s general knowledge on the subject of sunscreen.

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Sunscreen Poll

Healthy At School

It’s that time of the year again, when traditionally, students are preparing for the start of school. But the COVID 19 crisis has turned the word traditional upside down.

In late July, we talked one-on-one with Lake County’s Superintendent of Schools, Diane Kornegay, about the local plans available at the time of this interview, and the process the district went through for formulating those plans.

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Lake Co. Schools

Sumter Co. Schools

Catch Up On Immunizations

While physicals and immunizations are a normal part of the back to school process, many families have fallen behind getting their students vaccinated. Recent reports from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that children across the country have fallen behind schedule for critical immunizations, such as the measles, while they were quarantined at home.

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WHO report

Immunization Requirements

What You Should Know

Vaccination Locations

COVID Baby Bust

For all the ways the corona virus has changed our lives, there is one turn of events that will affect us well into our future.

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The Brookings Report

Go Daddy!

If you’re trying to decide if you, or the man in your life will make a good father, try playing with baby dolls. According to a new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, you can tell a lot about a man’s ability to be a good father by having him role play with a baby doll.

Dehydration Dangers

As we mark the mid-point of Florida’s summer and scorching heat dehydration continues to be a misunderstood and under diagnosed condition.

Fighting Food Allergies

There are 32 million people living with potentially life-threatening food allergies, and cases are rising around the world. Many of those affected by allergies are children. In fact, over 5.5 million food allergy sufferers are under the age of 18.

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Food Allergy Research & Education

PARO for Pain

Scientists in Israel decided to see if a social robot, created in Japan, could help bolster moods and reduce pain when human to human contact isn't a possibility, for example, during a pandemic.

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Social Robot Study

Covert COVID-19

COVID 19 continues to make headlines. The virus is responsible for millions of infections globally, and hundreds of thousands of deaths. There is a lot of information out there about the virus, but with information often comes misinformation. We decided to separate fact from fiction on a few popular rumors that are circulating right now.