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Skin Cancer Risks

A new study finds that people, who develop frequent cases of skin cancer, may also be at risk for other types of cancers.

Your Family Health Portrait

November is Family Health History Month, and the holidays are the perfect time to gather information you and your doctors need. This Thanksgiving, after you give thanks and enjoy a meal with your loved ones, why not take a few minutes to discuss your family health history? Here are some tips to get the conversation started.

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My Family Health Portrait

Thank An Elephant

You’ve heard the saying, ”an elephant never forgets”. Now researchers have found that an elephant rarely gets cancer, too.  It turns out that elephants possess a rare gene which successfully fights cancerous mutations.

Think Pink

It’s October! Time to “think pink” for the prevention of breast cancer. Here’s what’s going on in our neck of the woods.

How Florida Measures Up

It’s failing grades for the state of Florida for not taking more steps to prevent cancer. The 16th annual “How Do You Measure Up” report measures Florida and other states on where they stand on issues that the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network says will reduce suffering and death from cancer. Here’s how Florida stacked up.

Tied Up

You may want to loosen your tie for this next story. Researchers in Germany found a pretty good reason to adopt a more casual dress code after doing MRI scans on 15 healthy young men wearing ties. The study was recently published in the journal Neuroradiology.