News of Note

Zika Cancer Treatment

The Zika virus, feared for its severe effects on pregnant mothers and unborn babies, may hold potential as a cancer treatment.

Researchers from Nemours Children’s Hospital as well as the University of Central Florida College of Medicine are studying the impact of the Zika virus on neuroblastoma, a rare but deadly childhood cancer that typically develops along the sympathetic nervous system or adrenal glands.

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parents may think they are helping their children but a new study disagreesResearchers say that when a parent over-interferes and doesn't let his child experience a range of emotions and allows the child to practice managing their emotions, the child loses out on important learning opportunities.


New technology on the horizon may soon render your glasses obsolete. Scientists have developed a new eye drop solution, which corrects vision without the need for glasses or surgery.

Eye Personality

We’ve all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but new research shows that they are also an indication of our personality.

One team scientists found that a machine-learning algorithm was able to demonstrate the link between personality and eye movements.