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Dog Aging Project

A new national project aims to improve the life expectancy of man’s best friend while collecting information that may help humans ward off life-threatening illness, too.

It’s called the Dog Aging Project, and it is the largest study of its kind to target aging and disease in dogs which could possibly translate to human health.

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Dump The Junk

Surprise, surprise, too much ultra processed food, otherwise known as junk food, is linked to poor heart health according to new information from the American Heart Association.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If you find you’re feeling a little anxious lately- you may just want to sleep on it. According to a study out of the University of California, a sleepless night can trigger up to a 30 percent rise in anxiety levels, while a good night’s sleep tends to stabilize emotions.

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More Vitamin Zzzz

Holiday Travel Tips

Chances are you'll be traveling during the holiday season to reconnect with family and friends or take a much-needed vacation. While holiday travel can be great for the spirit, it can also take a toll on your health. Here are some quick tips we put together for dealing with holiday travel.

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More Great Tips

Staving Off Stress

Here’s a question, if it’s the most wonderful time of the year, why are so many of us stressed out? The magazine Psychology Today shares these simple tips for surviving holiday stress.

Paws For A Longer Life

Sure, they can sit, stay and roll over but, it turns out, one of the many tricks that dogs can do for their humans is to help them live longer lives, especially if they’ve suffered a heart attack or stroke.

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Study Highlights

Brain Games

Looking for a holiday gift for someone who is hard to buy for? You might try choosing a brain game.  Like physical exercise, brain games can help keep our minds sharp.

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SeniorLiving Brain Games