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Pregnant and Smoking

When the nation’s two largest dollar stores started selling tobacco products in the southeastern states, the number of smokers across the region also increased. A University of Florida study finds that it also caused the number of pregnant smokers to increase.

Fiber Health

For decades, the health care community has been encouraging people to get enough fiber in their diets. Research shows that fiber plays an important role in promoting good health and preventing chronic illness.

Toxic Dust

Dusting is nobody’s favorite chore, but if you haven’t picked up a duster in a while, here are a few good reasons why you should.

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Maybe More Maple

The next time you indulge in that stack of maple syrup soaked pancakes, you may also be protecting yourself against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. In fact, researchers say that when it comes to lowering your risk for any brain disease, real maple syrup may be as effective as eating blueberries, or drinking green tea and red wine. It may even help people who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Marc’s Colonoscopy

Last month we began our two part series on screening colonoscopies by following Hometown Health show host, Marc Robertz as he went through his initial consultation for the procedure. This month we continue with part two of our story, as he tackles the infamous prep, screening day and finally getting his results.

UNOVA’s Ortho Expo

The UNOVA Health Clinic in Lady Lake is an orthopedic clinic specializing in nonsurgical and surgical orthopedic treatments to get you feeling better, faster. They set out to share their orthopedic expertise recently, at their first-ever “UNOVA Ortho Expo”.

Heart Awareness Month

It’s little surprise that the month associated with Valentine’s hearts is also the month designated to raising awareness for the number one killer of both men and women. Heart disease. Today, supporting campaigns like “Go Red for Women” and “National Wear Red Day” were introduced to remind people that heart disease does not discriminate. Here are some symptoms you should not ignore.