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Love Your Heart

The month of February is known for Valentine’s Day and its expressions of love, but it’s also a time devoted to the affairs of our heart health.

This month, we mark American Heart Month, a sober reminder that heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women.

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More About Heart Disease

Breakfast Flex Fix

We’re more than a month into the new year and if you’re still sticking to your resolution to exercise but you usually wait until after breakfast to begin your work-out… one small study says you may want to reconsider.

Florida’s State of Health

Two recent reports shed some concerning light on our health and health insurance here in Central Florida.

A recent analysis conducted by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, showed that Florida’s rate of uninsured children exceeded the national average.

In related news, the Community Health Needs Assessment for Florida is out and the report is concerning.

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Georgetown University Health Policy Institute

Florida and Medicaid Expansion Explainer

Community Health Needs Assessment

Hair Dye Dangers?

New research raises concern about the safety of permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners, especially among African American women.

In a study published in the International Journal of Cancer scientists found an increased chance of breast cancer among women who regularly used permanent hair dye, particularly African Americans.

There’s been much debate on this study since it was released late last year, so we’ve included several online links to help you sort through the information.

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American Cancer Society - Hair Dyes

National Cancer Institute - Hair Dyes

2020 Resolutions

There’s just something about a new year that inspires us to start fresh. For many, January is the time for a new set of resolutions. Whether the goal is to trim pounds, quit smoking, or get more active, you’re more likely to achieve it by making small, incremental changes. We’ve compiled a few tips from the experts to help you get started with your New Year’s goals.

Running For Your Life

If part of your New Year’s resolution is to start exercising, this next story may motivate you to get started. Researchers at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia say that going for a run just once a week might just be enough to prolong your life.

The Menacing Measles

New information on the measles has doctors concerned that the infection is far more harmful than previously thought. While the virus can cause severe illness and death, new studies out of the Netherlands show that the disease can also wipe out a patient’s immune system.

Dog Aging Project

A new national project aims to improve the life expectancy of man’s best friend while collecting information that may help humans ward off life-threatening illness, too.

It’s called the Dog Aging Project, and it is the largest study of its kind to target aging and disease in dogs which could possibly translate to human health.

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Enroll In The Dog Aging Project

Dump The Junk

Surprise, surprise, too much ultra processed food, otherwise known as junk food, is linked to poor heart health according to new information from the American Heart Association.