Newsworthy Numbers

October Newsworthy Numbers

Newsworthy Numbers – October 2017, #1

Think breast cancer is mostly hereditary?  Check out these “Pink” Newsworthy Numbers.

Newsworthy Numbers – October, 2017 #2

Guess the percentage of women without health insurance who get mammograms compared to those with health insurance.  Here are some eye-popping breast cancer awareness News Worthy Numbers.

September 2017 Newsworthy Numbers

Newsworthy Numbers – September 2017, #1

In recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, how much do you know about this walnut-sized glad and its impact on American men?

Newsworthy Numbers – September, 2017 #2

Ever track how much sugar you consume each day?  Check out some of these stats in this sweet edition of Newsworthy Numbers.