On The Spot

On The Spot - May 2020

Finally, for years we’ve been going to the Leesburg Bikefest to put men on the spot to test their knowledge of women’s health.  Well, with Bikefest cancelled in accordance with CDC guidelines, we were forced into the Hometown Health archives to bring you the best of the best - or worst, depending on how you look at it… check it out.

On the Spot - December 2019

One of our most viewed clips, a year ago, was when we went to the Lady Of The Lakes Renaissance Faire and put people on the spot to test their medieval medical knowledge.

The event - a major fund raiser for the Education Foundation for Lake and Sumter - brings together some of the most authentic and memorable experiences as you travel back in time.

Never ones to pass up an opportunity to build upon a successful segment, we went back there again this year for round two.  

But this time, we brought a secret weapon, long time area practitioner and generous community advocate, Dr. Maen Hussein.