Healthy Home

Healthy Home: Proper Med Disposal

For many, the beginning of the new year means
cleaning out old files, documents, and even the
medicine cabinet. 

Before you fill up the garbage can, there are some specific guidelines and that’s the subject of this month’s Healthy Home.

If you do choose to dispose of outdated medicines or those you no longer use, federal officials ask consumers not to flush them down the toilet or pour them down the drain.  Instead:

  • Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers

  • Mix the drugs with an undesirable substance such as cat litter or used coffee grounds.

  • Put this mixture into a disposal container with a lid such as an empty margarine tub or sealable bag.

  • Conceal or remove any personal information from the medicine packaging, including the prescription number.

  • Place the sealed container with the mixture in the trash.

For a complete set of FDA instructions and other disposal guidelines, click here.


Healthy Home: Showered With Bacteria

Hopefully you remembered to change the batteries in your smoke
detectors when you changed your clocks.  But did you think
changing your showerhead?

In this HHTV Healthy Home report, a new study reveals some nasty surprises.

A study of 45 shower heads in nine cities revealed 20% of those tested contained mycobacterium and in some cases, at levels 100 times more than expected.

For the average person this microbe is of little concern but for the one in 4,000 with lung disease, those with an immune system disease or cystic fibrosis, the study suggests changing your showerhead every six months.